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Sydney Tour

Sydney ,Cape Breton , Nova Scotia

Port / Departing from : Sydney

Maximum Persons Per Tour :Six / If your party exceeds six then the appropriate passenger count must be selected to the right before moving on the check out process to dispatch either two luxury grade vans or SUVs.

Customization : As with all our excursions, nothing is fixed and Our tours can be custom-tailored to your interests and we welcome the opportunity to make your tour unique and personal; however, keep timing in mind and the fact that additional time spent at various attractions may affect getting to others.

Admission Fees : All Historic site admission fees included within tour price.


Let us be your guide to Sydney… the ocean gateway to scenic Cape Breton Island!.


Departing your local accommodator or cruise dock we’ll drive through the historic north end and visit Sydney’s downtown, passing beautiful, historic Wentworth Park and on to Whitney Avenue.This area is where the steel company executives and other elites of Sydney resided during boom years of steel and coal production. It contrasts with the Ashby and Whitney Pier areas, where the steel workers and miners resided. We’ll proceed along Sydney Harbour, looking across to catch a glimpse of the Newfoundland Ferry Terminal. 

Our next destination is Fort Petrie was established to protect the steel plant during the Second World War and also to prevent U-Boats from sinking passenger ships travelling from North Sydney to Newfoundland. The U-boats did manage to sink the Caribou, a passenger ferry, where the loss of life numbered over 100. We’ll stop here for 20 minutes, giving you time to take pictures and do a bit of exploring.

 The former mining town of New Waterford is next on our itinerary, where we’ll stop to visit the Colliery Lands Park, built on a former coal mine. Here, in this beautiful park, we find monuments with the names of 298 coal miners killed working in the local coal mines. Flags are flying from the 17 countries where people who came to work in the local mines originated in the early 20th century.

We’ll visit the fishing village of Lingan, passing the church where a young Boutilier boy was christened. Later, he became a priest, Brother Mathias. Years later, while working at an orphanage in Baltimore, he cared for and taught a young man to play baseball. This young man was Babe Ruth.....

From here, we’ll proceed to the Sydney-Glace Bay Highway, passing Cape Breton University and returning to downtown Sydney. (Some may wish to shop/explore this area, then walk back to the ship which is nearby) or back to the dock.


The private, pre-booked Sydney Tour will take approximately 4.0 hours (+/-) and is fully narrated by your driver/guide.


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  • Package Duration: Day Touring
  • Destination: Sydney-
Package Price: 430 245
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