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Peggy's Cove Tour

Peggy's Cove

Our route to Peggy’s Cove allows us to view numerous vistas of the Atlantic Ocean and see many of its scenic inlet's and coves.  You'll experience the dramatic changing topography as we get closer and closer to Peggy’s Cove


The start of the Tour

We'll circle the Public Gardens and the Citadel, drive along the shores of the harbour, stop near the 1917 Explosion site and Bedford Basin and drive by the Titanic Cemetery. 

Peggy's Cove  

You'll spend about one hour at this "most visited place in Canada".  We’ll make two stops, first, "the swimming hole" and the deGarthe Memorial before we go to the lighthouse area, passing the actual "Cove" itself, stopping, if possible, for photos.

St. Margaret’s Bay

Our return route takes us along the shoreline of historic Saint Margaret's Bay (stories of religion, rum-running, bootlegging, Anne Murray, and sugar maple products).  We'll have photos stops in both quaint cottage country areas as well as at an expensive, modern residential community.  We’ll be able to view, and if time permits, stop at the Swiss Air Flight 111 Memorial. 

This tour does not include a meal stop.  Please note however, that if required and/or requested, a meal stop will add an additional 1.0 to 1.5 hours to the overall time to complete this tour.

This Private Pre-Booked tour is fully narrated and will take an estimated 4.5 hours (+/-) to complete.

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  • Package Duration: Day Touring
  • Destination: Peggy's Cove
Package Price: $410.00 $385.00

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