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situated in the heart of Cape Breton Island, considered to be the beginning and end of the world famous Cabot Trail. Stretching along the shores of the beautiful Bras d'Or Lake, Baddeck is a bustling village that maintains its essence as a quaint community...

As in other parts of Cape Breton Island, the first people to settle here were the Mi’kmaq, members of the Wabenaki First Nation people, attracted to this beautiful, serene place by the abundant fish and excellent game. Baddeck, in fact, takes its name from the Mi’kmaq “Abadak,” meaning, “Place with Island Near”. That Island, just off the shore of Baddeck, was the home of British officer James Duffus, who received a crown grant of the Island in the late 1700s. He christened the Island “Duffus Island” and it was not until 1833 when William Kidston married James Duffus’ widow and settled there, that the place got its current name, “Kidston Island.”

Baddeck owes much to Mr. Kidston who, in addition to being an astute business man, was responsible for the separation of Cape Breton and Victoria Counties and it was he who granted the site of the present Court House to the Village of Baddeck.

Alexander Graham Bell, compelled by the beauty of Baddeck, chose this area as his summer home. Today, visitors celebrate Bell's life through the exhibitions and interactive demonstrations at the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site.

Baddeck has something for every traveller. From spas, fine dining, and 5-star accommodations to hiking, sailing, and camping, the Village will delight you with its unique character. Exquisite food can be found in the many restaurants offering everything from our world famous lobster to a steaming cup of seafood chowder or homemade baked goods. Enjoy a unique shopping experience while exploring our shops, boutiques, galleries, and much, much more.